Taking care of your washing machine

Ramson India: Taking care of your washing machine

Washing machines are an essential part of the household. It’s hard not having one around because you won’t be able to quickly clean your clothes. Since it reduces the intensive labour of manually washing your clothes, you have more freedom to do other things while waiting for the load to finish. 

However, a durable machine doesn’t come cheap. The durability of this equipment is incomparable but you still need to do your due diligence to keep it in tip-top shape. Let this Ramson India guide in washing machine maintenance help you prolong your equipment’s life as you browse through the website. 

Essential tips to maintain your washing machine

Appliances also need care and attention to function properly. Big burly equipment like washing machines shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Here are some of the tips you need to know to prolong the life of your washer:

Regularly inspect the hoses

Washers often have hoses for hot and cold water as well as a drain hose. Although a normal machine can last for years, the hoses are made of less durable materials and would need replacement beforehand. 

It’s good practice to check the hoses for cracks and brittleness every month or so. This can help prevent long-term damage because you’d be able to uproot the problem before it wreaks havoc on your clothes. 

Once you see the damage, call a professional washing maintenance company like Ramson India to help you out. Never try to fix it yourself if you don’t have experience with repairs.

Don’t overload your machine

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to overload the machine. Even if it takes a few loads for your laundry to finish, it’s still better than putting everything all at once. 

Your washer can only handle a few kilos per load. Always check how much your machine can take per load so you don’t exceed the limit. You can see that on the equipment’s setting or the manual.

Choose the right detergent 

Some washers have recommended detergents, amount of use and a set of instructions on what to do. This is so that the machine’s interior does not deteriorate quickly. The chamber as well as the other parts can get damaged with harsh detergents. It’s because residue can build up over time and cause blockages. 

However, your budget and specific washing needs also have a factor in your consumption choices. Just remember to pick a detergent that does not have harmful chemicals or is heavily loaded with alkaline substances. This won’t only damage your equipment but also your clothes in the long run.

Always clean the soap dispensers

For automatic washers, you need to clean the soap dispensers regularly. Detergent and fabric conditioner residues can build up as time goes by and can block the pipes connecting them to the tub. Moreover, the residue can also be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria which won’t only damage the equipment but also the quality of your clothes. 

Check the dispensers and notice whether there’s a slimy transparent or green-ish coloured grime building up. If it has then it’s time to thoroughly clean the part for better laundry quality.

You wouldn’t want grimy equipment with concentrated toxins to clean the clothes and delicates you wear every day. That’s why you should regularly clean the dispensers. Ramson India washers have easy to remove dispensers that you can clean whenever used. 

Clean the lint filter or vent

Fabrics often capture different kinds of debris when worn. It can be dirt or fibrous materials that can get stuck inside the machine, especially when used often. To combat this, washing machines have lint filters to capture the debris and remove it from the tub’s circulation. 

However, the more you use the washer, the more the lint accumulates. You need to regularly remove the lint collected in that filter to help maintain your equipment. Lint build-up can cause damage to the machine. 

Once the filter accumulates, the tiny debris would squeeze into the crevices of your washer and stick to your clothes. It can also damage the pulsator and agitator that helps clean the fabric. The filter is detachable so it’s easy to clean. All you need to do is run it on tap water so the lint is released.

Clean the machine 

Deep cleaning your washing machine is a must every month or two. The product residue and build-up can damage your equipment and lessen its lifespan. You need to clean both interior and exterior so you can prolong its life and usage. 

How do you do that? You can purchase cleaning products that are specific to this function. A more sustainable solution is to mix baking soda and vinegar with warm water. You can put this inside the tub and spin an empty load. 

This process will descale the interior of your machine. You should also clean the exterior parts by wiping down the grease with a microfibre towel and a cleaning solution. 

Dry the door gasket after use

The gasket is the rubber seal that keeps the tub airtight when you close the door. Since it’s rubber, bacteria and mould can grow on its surface when not properly dried because of moisture. 

Whenever you finish a load, make sure that you wipe down the gasket to dry it out. You should also keep the door open after use to air out the moisture inside the chamber. This can also help in protecting the machine from developing mould and spores. 

Use the appliance carefully

A good washing machine can last you for more than 5 or 7 years since it’s built for high washing capacity and usage. However, if you don’t take proper care of the equipment, it won’t last that long. 

Stuffing piles of clothes into the machine without considering its load limit can destroy it over time. The added weight would make it harder for the washer to rotate and won’t be able to clean clothes properly. It’s also possible that frequently overloading it can damage the motor.

How to tell when your washer is broken?

Whether you like it or not, your washer is susceptible to damage. Even when you’ve followed all the maintenance tips above, your machine can still break down. You might not know if it’s about to break until the machine itself gives up. 

To help you figure out when your washer needs repairs, here are some telltale signs of damaged equipment:

Making loud banging noises when in use

Washers are not meant to make loud and unpleasant noises. Once you hear loud banging sounds, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong. This usually happens because there’s shifting or movement in the mechanical parts of its interior.

Oftentimes, loud noises are an indication of an uneven load. You can rearrange the clothes inside the washer to help fix the problem but if it doesn’t work, it’s time to call the repairman. 

Get your machine fixed here at Ramson India for a full workup. We’ll replace everything that is damaged if your washer is from our inventory.

The machine does not drain water or leak too much

Water is an essential part of laundry. The inner mechanisms of the washer are designed to withstand pressure and elemental change brought about by water. However, the drains can get damaged over time. 

One of the telltale signs that you should watch out for in the water. Does it leak too much or does the machine not drain any water at all? Sometimes a large object gets jammed on the drain pipe that you have to unclog. On the other hand, leaky hoses are caused by cracks.

Either way, you might need to consider replacing the parts that cause the problem. Seek help from a professional if you don’t have experience doing these kinds of repairs. 

The tub isn’t turning

The life of your washer is the tub. If it doesn’t turn, your clothes won’t get cleaned. You won’t be able to fix this on your own and you’ll need the help of a professional to fix this. 

This kind of damage is caused by a loose or snapped belt. It can also be because of damages to the lid sensor. Parts need to be replaced when this happens so call us at Ramson India to get your machine serviced. 

The lock won’t release

For front load washers, its sensor door is one of its best features. This keeps the door locked throughout the laundry process and prevents leaks that can damage the exterior. However, the sensors can get damaged over time.

This may be caused by a glitch in the computerised sensors or an obstruction to the locking mechanism. It may also be caused by a draining issue that prevents the machine from opening the door. 

Causes breaker trips when in use

Modern-day washers require energy to function. Since these are massive pieces of equipment, it consumes a lot of power when in use. Electrical issues from your machine can trip and damage your breaker, too. 

Once the lights flicker or electrical issues arise when using your washer, it’s time to call the repairman. This may ruin your fuse and cause further damage in the long run.

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