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Using a Ramson India dryer: Step-by-step guide

A washing machine is now a need for every household. It helps you clean your clothes without having to do arduous labour through manual scrubbing every piece. However, these washers are limited in functionality. These still leave your clothes damp.

If you’re the kind of person who’s always on the go, a Ramson India dryer is a lifesaver. You can use this machine to dry your clothes in just a few minutes so you can dry them out quickly and fold them as soon as your laundry is finished. 

The machine can be quite complicated to use. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to properly use your Ramson India dryer:

  1. Read and understand the manual for special instructions

You might think that using a dryer is just turning the knob and pushing a button. There are more steps to consider other than pushing some buttons. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple to use and navigate once you’ve read the manual. 

Make sure to learn what your Ramson India dryer can do for you and what heat levels are appropriate for different types of fabric. This will prevent damages both to your dryer and clothes in the long run.

  1. Know what heat temperature will work best for your fabrics

Not every piece of clothing should be dried at maximum heat. Some can withstand that kind of intensity but you shouldn’t push the material to the limit. After all, intense heat can shrink your clothes, especially when left inside for too long. 

Overdrying is a problem for people with dryers. However, this can easily be avoided if you learn about the heat settings of your machine. Read the fabric care instructions on your clothes and set your dryer to what’s instructed there. This can help you prevent issues in the future. 

  1. Never overload your dryer

You’re drying your clothes inside a chamber. This process requires ample space for the clothes to tumble freely and properly remove all water and moisture residue from the fabric. Overloading your dryer means the chamber has less space to work with. This won’t efficiently dry your clothes and may cause annoying wrinkles. 

  1. Remove your clothes as soon as the drying process finishes

The chamber is still heated even after the load is finished drying. Remove your clothes as soon as possible to prevent excess heat from damaging and shrinking the fabric. Moreover, the heat can also set the wrinkles on your clothes making the ironing process a lot harder. 

  1. Shake each clothing piece to untangle the wrinkles

Although a dryer can handle large loads, the space is still small. This can cause wrinkling on your clothes. You can still avoid this problem by removing and shaking your clothes to untangle them. It’s also helpful to steam your clothes immediately after drying them so the creases don’t set, making it easier to iron the wrinkles.

  1. Let the damp clothes air dry for a few minutes

Your clothes can still have droplets of moisture even after drying. This shouldn’t be a problem if you air dry them for a few minutes after the dryer finishes the load. You should also take this opportunity to steam your clothes for faster drying. 

  1. Clean your vents regularly

Clothes often accumulate lint from threads, tissues and other lightweight materials. Your dryer catches this and will build up over time. This causes problems to your machine, especially if you have vent systems installed. 

Make sure to clean your vents regularly to avoid such problems. It’s advisable to do this every year with your trusted provider like Ramson India.

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