How to use your Ramson India washing machine

How to use your Ramson India washing machine

Before the industrial revolution, people manually wash clothes. This is a hard process that requires tons of labour that people nowadays don’t have time for. Washing machines helped decrease the struggle of cleaning your clothes because these can be set up automatically. 

The machine will do all the washing for you. Isn’t that a convenient way of cleaning and maintaining your clothes? However, there are certain things that you need to remember when using washing machines and dryers. 

Get to know more dos, don’ts and general tips on how you can use your Ramson India equipment when washing your clothes. Read more to learn something about clothes cleaning here on this website.

Dos and don’ts before washing your clothes

Many people assume that all you need to do is put all your clothes in a machine and press a few buttons to start the cleaning process. That’s not entirely the case because you need to make preparations before you can even start your Ramson India machine. 

Here are some of the dos and don’ts before doing your laundry:

  1. Check all of your pockets first

The first thing you need to do is check your pockets for any loose changes, tiny items and tissue pieces. These items can damage your machine and cause problems in the long run. Moreover, a small piece of tissue can leave lots of fluff on your clothes after washing. 

Doing this small step before you wash your clothes can prevent issues and inconveniences in the future. You wouldn’t want your washer to break down just because a small coin got loose from your pockets while washing. 

  1. Zip up your clothes before washing

You’re mixing different pieces of clothing inside the washer. Some fabrics are durable while others are more delicate. You need to consider whether these fabrics can get snagged in the process of cleaning your clothes. 

Zipping up your clothes can help prevent this issue. This way, the zippers won’t get caught on your other clothes thus avoiding damages. You should also consider turning these clothing inside out so that the zipper won’t accidentally open while tumbling on the washer. 

  1. Turn patterned shirts inside out

Patterned shirts, whether it’s embroidered or digitally printed, also need a bit of tender loving care. It can get turbulent inside the washer and the designs may get damaged. Turning these shirts inside out prevents loosening the embroidery or the print on the clothes. 

  1. Don’t put clothes inside the washer if they are damaged

Your clothes can get damaged, especially when worn frequently. Check the items for holes or loosened threads before you put them in the washer. The loose thread on your shirt can get bigger and damage your clothes further if you don’t fix it before washing. 

It’s better if you patch up your clothes before washing them. This way, the pieces of clothing won’t acquire further damage while inside the washer.

  1. Use a mesh wash bag for intimate items and delicate clothing

Delicate fabrics and intimate items are made of soft and light fabrics. These can easily snag on other clothes that are made of sterner materials. A mesh bag can help avoid damage issues on your clothes. 

Put all of the delicate fabrics as well as your intimates inside the mesh bag so you can load it with other clothes. This can help you save water and energy because you don’t have to put the clothes in separate loads. 

  1. Never overlook the washing instructions for your clothes

Not all fabrics have the same washing requirements. You need to follow certain instructions to preserve your clothes. 

It’s not that hard to look for the clothes requirements. All you have to do is check the tags sown directly to your clothes and read what it says. Detailed yet easy-to-follow washing instructions can be seen there. 

If the clothes require additional steps, remove them from your load. It’s best to hand wash these items instead of letting the machine ruin the fabric. 

  1. Look for stains 

Stains can’t be removed by putting the clothes on a washer. Some stains like blood, latex, ink and rust need pre-treatment to fully remove. If you wash these clothes, the stains are harder to remove because the heated water reacts with the material. 

Different techniques can help you out when removing stains. You need to know what caused it so you can take the proper treatment to fully remove the unwanted mark. 

  1. Divide your clothes into whites, coloureds and darks

It’s a protocol to divide your clothes into whites, coloureds and darks. That’s because some detergents are meant only for certain colours. 

Washing whites require brightening agents and these are made of stronger chemicals. You can’t use this detergent on colours because your favourite shirt might fade and look old. Moreover, some colours like red and black may bleed into the water and damage your other clothes.

  1. Don’t overload your machine

Washers are designed to hold immense weight but that doesn’t mean you should overload yours. Clothes require space when tumbling on the machine. When these pieces are crammed into the washer, your clothes won’t be able to move around thus leaving dirty residue even after washing. 

Also, it’s better to wash bigger loads in intervals than regularly washing small loads. This way, you can save on water and energy. 

How to properly wash your clothes

Now that you know how to prepare your dirty clothes before washing, it’s time to learn the ways of how to properly wash using your machine. Follow these steps below to help you with your laundry needs:

  1. Read your detergent’s instructions carefully

Certain detergents have instructions that you should follow. You can’t just put detergent on the machine without reading the manual first. This may either ruin your clothes or not clean them enough. 

Check how much detergent you should put on the washer as well as what kind of material it’s meant for. Some laundry soaps are made for white fabrics while others are milder and friendlier for coloured fabrics.

  1. Select a wash temperature that’s appropriate for your clothes

Washer temperature is often overlooked but it’s one of the most important settings on your machine. Different fabrics require either hot or cold wash for them to properly clean. That’s why it’s important to read the fabric instructions of your clothes. 

Once you know what the right temperature is for your clothes, separate them into groups. This way, you can load similar fabrics together and avoid damaging clothes. 

Moreover, always remember that heat can damage your clothes, especially when the material can’t withstand it. Knowing whether the clothing is meant for cold or warm temperatures can help avoid shrinkage in the process.

  1. Choose the right spin program

Ramson India machines are designed to have different spin programs. Since fabrics are made of different materials, certain spin cycles are created to help thoroughly clean the pieces. 

It’s vital to check the fabric labels on your clothes so you’ll know the right setting to put on your cycle. Durable fabrics can withstand faster cycles while delicates should be washed using a slower and gentler spin program. 

  1. Put detergent into your machine

It’s common sense to put detergent into your machine. After all, you’ll just be scooping powder or pouring liquid into the dispenser. Although, the process may vary depending on your detergent. 

Some laundry detergents should be placed before the clothes while other products are added after putting in your load. Make sure to check the detergent instructions before you start your load so you can properly use the product. 

  1. Load the dirty clothes into your machine

You can’t clean your clothes if you forgot to put them in the washer. After you’re settled with all the laundry preparations, start loading the clothes into the machine. Set the right spin cycle program and you’re off to go. 

Double-check if you’ve put all of the clothes before closing the door and pressing play. You’ll be surprised how frequently people can overlook tiny pieces of clothing. This way, you don’t have to worry about handwashing that tiny sock that’s left behind on your hamper.

  1. Close the door and press play

Ramson India washers are automated. You need to properly close the door for the machine to fully function. Pay attention to the click of the door. When you hear the clicking sound, that means the washer’s door is tightly sealed and locked into place. 

Don’t forget to press play on the washer. You won’t be able to open the door while the machine is still cleaning your clothes. However, you can press pause if needed. This is helpful if you have emergencies wherein you have to leave the house.

  1. Remove wet clothes immediately

Once the washer is finished with the load, it’ll sound off a signal. This signifies that the cleaning process is complete and you can open the door. Remove your clothes immediately and either hang them up or put them in a dryer. 

If you leave the damp clothes for a long time, it might ruin your washer. Trapped moisture leads to mould buildup and can destroy the machine. It can also damage your clothes beyond repair.

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