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Presenting a spectrum of highly functional Laundry & Dry Cleaning Machines, Steam Presses, Vacuum Ironing/Blowing Systems, Body Presses/ Form Finishers etc.

About Us

For over five decades, we Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipment (P) Ltd. have been engaged in offering a range of laundry solutions. We take pride in introducing ourselves as a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of an array of Stain Removing Machines, Marking Machines, Laundry & Dry Cleaning Machines, Ramsons Washer Extractor, Ramsons Vertical Washing Machines etc. All our machines are long lasting and show optimum functionality. Due to our quality and customer centric approach we have been serving 17,000 clients all over the world.

Our company was established in the year 1994 and works as a joint venture with Veit of Germany and is associated with leaders like Hawo of Germany, Electrolux of Sweden and Union of Italy. Our service centers are located in over 15 cities in India as well as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, UAE, Kenya and Jordan. Since our establishment we have been striving to come up with excellent laundry solutions. Backed by our state-of-the-art technology and highly professional team we are capable of taking our company to greater heights.Product Range

We obtain requirements from the customer and suggest them possible solutions in the form of our machines and other products. Our range is of excellent quality and is easy to install. Our world class range of products are as follows:

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Machines
Ramsons Washer ExtractorRamsons Horizontal Washing Machines (Belly Washer)
Ramsons Vertical Washing Machines
Steam Presses
Professional Steam IronCocoon Steamer
High Pressure IronZee Ram
Vaccum Ironing/Blowing Systems
Ramsons – VEIT RV 4425-65Ramsons – VEIT Dress Board
Body Presses/ Form Finishers
Ramsons Multi Form FinishersFlat Bed Press
Mushroom PressCuff & Collar Press
Legger PressUtility Press
Steam Generator Systems
Electric Steam Generators
Diesel Steam GeneratorsWater Softeners
Work Aid Furniture
Washroom TrolleyDamp Box
Sheft TrolleyChecking Table
Hanger Rail TrolleyRack
GratingRack with Castors
Double Bowl SinkRack Usage
Chemical Drum Dolly
Other Machines
Stain Removing MachinesPackaging Machine
Marking Machines

Unmatched Quality

To ensure high functionality and longer service life of our machines and equipment we manufacture them from quality raw materials and components. All our range is produced under the vigilant eyes of our quality managers. We have adopted a stringent quality policy through which all our products have to get through. It starts right from the procurement of raw materials and continues untill the products are delivered to the clients. Considering customer satisfaction as one of the solid pillars of our foundation we also follow international quality standards and further ensure that each item is defect-free.Robust Infrastructure

To start the production of anything we need a proper infrastructure to support it. Hence since our inception we have been focusing on investing immensely on our infrastructure. Gradually and consistently we have been successful in setting up of our own infrastructure in a sprawling area. We own a manufacturing unit that is equipped with latest machines based on latest technology. Our unit is segregated into various departments such as Management department, Quality department, Research & Development department etc. The research department is involved in providing improved range of products to our respected clients. We are capable of manufacturing international standard products to meet the customer’s demands and make timely deliveries. Some of the machines that we use in our unit are mentioned below:

  • CNC
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Auto Turrets
  • Machine Centers
  • Deep Draw
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Robot Welding Lift Foundries
  • Press Shops
  • Wood Work and Automatic Power Cutting Machines.

Innovative laundry solutions by Ramson India

Quality clothing care and great customer service, that’s what Ramson India aspires to provide. You’ll get your money’s worth when you seek our help. Rest assured that you’ll be given the best service from a spectrum of highly functional laundry and dry cleaning equipment. 

Get to know more about what you can get at Ramson India as you browse through our website. Feel free to contact our channels for your queries and concerns. We’ll be happy to help you out with whatever you need. 

About Ramson India

The company has provided the community with a range of laundry solutions for over five decades. What started as a laundry service agency in 1994, Ramson India flourished and expanded as one of the top manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of laundry equipment. 

Since the early ‘90s, we’ve been serving 17 thousand customers and counting. Our quality products made it possible for us to earn a loyal customer base that’s continuously growing as the years go by. Be part of our solution to make laundry easier as you purchase our top-notch equipment. 


Excellence has always been the priority here at Ramson India. All of the products in our inventory are of high-quality materials. These were assembled by skilled technicians that are knowledgeable in the industry. 

Here are some of the products that you can expect from our company:

Laundry and dry cleaning machines

Brand new machines that can last for years, that’s what you’ll get when you purchase from our company. Regular washing machines, washer-extractors and belly washers are available in our catalogue. 

Steam presses

The dawn of innovation is fast approaching. You no longer need to iron your clothes because steam presses are in. Remove all the creases of your clothes with minimal effort with our top-of-the-line ironing models including the steam iron, pressure iron, cocoon steamer and zee ram.

Form finishers

Are you a retailer or ready-to-wear clothing supplier? You’ll need a high-quality and industry-standard form finisher to help you with the clothes. These machines can help mould the fabric into permanent shapes to give detail and dimension to your clothing. 

Steam generator systems

Industry-standard factories should invest in a good steam generator system that would last for years. If you are interested, we have developed a steaming system that’s powered by either electricity or diesel. All you need to do is contact us and tell us your company’s needs so we can help you out. 

The system also comes in with water softener equipment to help give your clothing the quality details that it needs. 

Maintenance and spare parts

What’s great about purchasing our products is that you can seek our help with maintenance whenever you need it. The service fee for the first year is free and the succeeding years is 10% of the purchase price. 

You can also purchase spare parts for your machines from our store. Just tell one of our staff what kind of equipment you need. Indicate the type and model of your machine and let our staff handle the nitty-gritty work. 

We’ll also handle putting your machine back in working condition. Price may vary depending on the needs of your equipment. 

Please give us a call for more information about this service. The Ramson India staff is more than happy to help you out with your every need.